Eliminate premature equipment failure

Substantially reduce energy cost

Stabilize production and product quality

Improve the quality of compressed air

We Focus on commonly occurring issues within compressed gas systems such as:

  • 1. Excessive water in plant air lines.
  • 2. Low pressure in compressed air lines
  • 3. Plant/Instrument air leaks/ blow offs.
  • 4. Air compressor controls.
  • 5. Inadequate piping.
  • 6. Inappropriate equipment.
  • 7. Artificial demand (Use of excessive air compressor horsepower over and above the real plant requirements)
  • 8. Rental air compressor usage is another common sign of an inefficient compressed air system.

We will provide a detailed survey report including recommendations for correcting the inefficiencies within the compressed air system.

The report is extensive and the identified inefficiencies including photos, energy loss estimate, recommended equipment solutions, and solution costs are comprehensive.

A number of total system equipment recommendation scenarios and action steps will offer choice as to the level of project implementation desired.